Winter Showers Bring Bug Powers

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Winter Showers Bring Bug Powers

After 6 years of drought, rain drops on the roof is music to everyone's ears.  The Urban Forest is getting a much needed Boost. As a result, fresh rain water flushes out impurities in the soil and helps to balance the PH level.

As harmonious as that sounds, the reality is that every Plus has its Con (no pun intended). Although winter showers help give trees the much needed Boost they've been missing, they also give diseases perfect modes of transport while growing fresh food (foliage) to starving Pests who are also ready for a big 2017. Healthier foliage means a healthier food supply for bugs, especially when tree’s health has been compromised by long-term environmental stress.
Luckily, at A Plus, our Urban Forest managers are ready with a plan to protect your trees and your budget from attack.

Here is our TOP 5 Most Unwanted Pests and Disease to be prepared for:



Aphids can affect a host of different tree species, but you'll see them most commonly on Tulip Trees, Hackberries, and Crepe Myrtles. They're the culprits that make everything a sticky mess and will have a field day with all the Spring flush. You can prevent the appearance of these nuisances with an early spring treatment.

 2. Fire Blight

 Fire Blight is what causes your Pear to look like someone took a torch to its twigs. Fire Blight is spread even faster through splashing rain and moist weather. The best control is to treat once in the Spring, prior to bud break, and again in the Fall. Combining the treatment with a sterile pruning regime is for ideal control.


3. Sycamore Anthracnose

 Sycamore Anthracnose is primarily a cosmetic mess, but it also causes long-term health problems for Sycamores. It’s what causes the browning, curling and early leaf drop in Sycamore Trees and this cool, wet weather makes it even worse. By treating once in the Spring, and then again in the Fall, you’ll give your tree the make-over to be beautiful again and help reduce some of the strain this pathogen places on this particular species.

4. Pine Pitch Canker and Pine Beetles

Our poor Pine trees are dying at a faster rate in California than any other tree species. The deadly combo of Pine Pitch Canker and Beetles are sadly dominating our natural and urban forests. The spores from the Pine Pitch disease are carried off by wind and rain to torment the nearby hosts. Treatments to ward off these unwanted take-overs can be applied year-round, although multiple cycles are optimal.


5. Sudden Oak Death [SOD]

Who doesn’t love their Oaks? The name of this disease alone is scary and thankfully it hasn’t devastated our Urban Landscapes as much as it had across our West Coast Forests. The pathogen (Phytopthora ramorum) loves water and also uses it as a mode of transport. Applications 2x a year (Spring and Fall) will boost your Oak and defend it against unwelcome infections.

While water is absolutely vital to tree health, it facilitates the spread of pests and diseases. At A Plus, we know that precision beats power and, with proper timing, we can preserve our Urban Forest while minimizing the chemical footprint.
So boil a pot of tea, grab a blanket, open your favorite book and enjoy the rain and let your partners at A Plus protect your Urban Forest from Pest invaders and nasty diseases!


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